Why I became an escort – Lisas story

Each of the London escorts has her own story to tell. But for Lisa, she became an escort for simply a lot of reasons. In a nutshell, it can be sum up into the following:
I really want more sex.
I love sex and I love it meeting up with a guy in London for a drink. Due to my demanding life, I really love it drinking and having sex. This is just another good reason why I became an escort.
I like it better taking orders.
I like the idea of taking orders. I love it even better following the orders of my clients. The bedroom is also the best place to do all those crazy stuffs.
I love the idea of fulfilling a fetish for sex.
Fulfilling a fetish for sex with a stranger is simply a good idea. This may sound easy but for me, it may be extremely difficult. Although this is quite difficult to fulfill, I still love doing it. I am no longer shy and I am even braver as an escort.
I want to do more in bed and become better at sex.
I became an escort because I want to do more and prove myself to be better in bed. I do not like the idea of being one of those girls who show their poor performance in bed. I want to know more what men want. This way, I can be hired at the soonest possible time. I realized then that I should choose to follow for more tips.
I want to pay for my expenses.
As a London escort, I had long been spending a fortune on sex including hotel rooms, sex toys, lingerie and extravagant gifts. My telephone bill also needs to get paid prior to the short time notice.
Good thing, there are grateful lovers that take me in and call me up even in the middle of the night. My photos truly excite them a lot and had sex with me without a lube until

I screamed with pleasure and pain.

I want to find night-sex and disposable partner.
I really want to find night-sex and disposable partner that does not mean so much to me. I can do almost any crazy stuff with them. The experience can be made entirely different in each of these partners.
By just being prepared and having a good night together sitting across the table, these have all meant so much to me.

I continue to be an escort and I choose to have this profession.

I am definitely going back for more of them. That magical feeling is truly brought by being an escort. I am Lisa and I had this big break in being an escort. No one knows that being an escort is a mixture of happiness, excitement, gladness and more. I also like it better screaming in protest and performing with gratification. I am more amazed and
I feel that each experience is unique and perfect!

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